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Energy Market Research Group

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Shaping Your Energy Business Growth


Our firm conducts custom research and strategy assignments for technology clients in global energy markets including Power Generation, Petrochemical, LNG, Oil & Gas, Water, and related segments. 

Companies hire us to accelerate successful growth and diversification. They need more than general market information. They require original, custom research and detailed analysis tailored directly to their markets, offerings, and growth interests.

Our clients have unique technologies and capabilities. Their solutions are often adaptable to needs of customers in multiple energy markets to improve productivity, safety, security, and efficiency of  operations. 

Diversification and expansion is not easy. Lack of ideas is rarely the problem. There are usually many new  directions to consider. Inside our client organizations are different opinions about what directions to take. 

We have an experienced team of 12 primary and secondary researchers with extensive experience, broad  industry contacts, and top credentials in these markets.

We are part of STS Research Group , just north of Boston, which provides custom research and sales strategy assignments for clients in Energy, Aerospace Defense, and related  markets. 

Our clients include companies like Alcoa, General Electric, L-3, Lockheed, Lord Corporation, ITT (Exelis), Moog Oil & Gas, MSA Safety, MTU Aero Engines, Teledyne Technologies, Senior Aerospace-Metal Bellows, and other top global corporations.

To learn more, please call our research team at 781 245-6376. 

"We are seeking to expand our growth in our traditional government and scientific areas, as well as US and global energy markets. The research and analysis your firm conducted for our team was comprehensive, highly valuable, and incremental to what we had or could develop internally. Your methods and skill in engaging the market directly were impressive. This will certainly help contribute to our future business strategy and expansion directions in these areas." Senior Director Business Development, Teledyne Technologies

"I am pleased to offer yet another example of our satisfaction with your research and strategy capability. Most recently, market research performed for Oil & Gas upstream was proven extremely valuable as our company performs due diligence regarding market opportunities in this area. Your work was foundational to our discovery work and is likely to be identified as a best practice when evaluating opportunities for new business." Director, Global Business Development, Lord Corporation

"Thank you and your team for the excellent research and analysis you recently completed for us in the global energy market. Our goal was to develop an independent assessment of current practices, changing customer requirements, and future expectations in Oil & Gas (Land-Based and Off-Shore), LNG markets, Refineries, Chemical, and Petrochemical.

Your group delivered on all of these measures and made a strong, incremental contribution to our business planning. Your key contacts in North American, European and Middle Eastern markets, and ability to engage with relevant, key decision makers particularly made this project a success". Global Program Manager, Wireless & Data Analytics, MSA Safety